Ki-Anne: praktijk voor supervisie en shiatsu te Amsterdam  

As a husband I try to support Anne in all possible areas. I take care of the required office tasks including client management and invoicing. I am also responsible for development and maintenance of the website.

A few words about the website. I am trying to make the website suitable for all popular types of machines and web browsers. Please feel free to pass on your comments on the website using the Contact form. Your feedback will allow me to make the website better and smoother. Notice that Ki-Anne does not use "cookies". I do not need tp place any cookies and so visiting the website will leave no traces. I do, however, use Javascript. When your browser does not support Javascript or Javascript is disabled the website cannot run properly.

our location

Our office is located in the centre of Amsterdam, just behind the zoo (Artis).

Public transport: take Tram 7, 14 or 19 and get off at Alexanderplein

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