Ki-Anne: praktijk voor supervisie en shiatsu te Amsterdam  

Ki-Anne: practice for coaching supervision and zen shiatsu in Amsterdam


Shiatsu therapy € 35.00!


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Ki-Anne offers two types of services: supervision and zen shiatsu. By clicking on their respective tabs in the menu above you will navigate to some background information about the two services. Also you will learn what Ki-Anne has to offer you in both areas.

At first glance supervision and shiatsu do not seem to have anything in common. That the twain meet within our practice, however, is by no means accidental. Far from it! You will observe that in both supervision and shiatsu personal contact is absolutely key.

While there is no physical contact whatsoever in a supervision session, as it is a specific type of coaching for employed or prospective professionals, a shiatsu treatment is based on pressure point massage and may be beneficial to everyone.

Both supervision and shiatsu aim to make people feel and function beter. The goal of our supervision sessions is to make our clients more aware of how they act and react in specific work situations and to teach them to make more satisfactory decisions. This will increase their professional efficiency while decrease work related stress. On the other hand, by undergoing shiatsu treatment clients may regain balance in body and mind, as a result of which various types of disorders, both physical and mental, should be alleviated.

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